April 21st Crash Reflection

Athan E. Carrillo, Staff Writer

On April 21st at around 10:30 am, a crash occurred on Ball and Nutwood which happens to be the far corner of Gilbert High School’s track field.  


From the looks of the crash it appears that the crash was nowhere near fatal thanks to the low speeds. One car seemed to have about 3 to 4 young girls from the age around 16 to 20. Passenger vehicle crashes result in 2,100 and 31% of fatal crashes in Orange County have to do with speeding. 


This crash ended on a good note with most likely only a slap on the wrist to be had. However it’s important to analyze and reflect on the danger of the situation and how we can prevent things like this from happening again. 


Fatalities in crashes involving teen drivers in 2016:


Drivers – 1,908

Passengers – 1,018

Occupants in another vehicle – 1,338

Non-occupants – 589


In 31 percent of fatalities, speeding was involved.

Passenger vehicles account for 2,100 fatal car crashes a year.

20 percent of fatal accidents involved alcohol.


These statistics depict fatalities and don’t even address major injuries.

The steps to deflating these numbers include, identifying and understanding the problem and statistics, integrating the understanding into daily life, and staying aware every time you get into the driver seat making it a constant habit to be aware of speed, distractions, and external events. 


As a parent, it is best to ensure your kids are well informed and placed into the correct training programs to ensure the safety of them and others around. Creating healthy driving habits at a young age creates a future of safety for everybody in society. Because driving is an everyday necessity it is important to take it seriously and be aware that every time you get in the driver seat your chances of getting into a crash are 1 in 103.