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To Be a Good Auntie

The Joy and Responsibility for Caring

As a good auntie, developing a loving and supportive relationship with your nieces and nephews is important. This requires being a good role model, offering guidance and support, and creating long-lasting memories with them. A good auntie genuinely cares about their lives, celebrates their accomplishments, and lends a listening ear when needed.

Even though my nephews are still young, I make an effort to understand their needs. It can be difficult sometimes, as their only form of communication is crying, but I try my best. Being an auntie has brought both joy and sadness to my life. I have four nephews, all from my brother. My oldest nephew is six, but unfortunately, I didn’t spend much time with him. Then we found out my sister-in-law was pregnant again. Sadly, the baby was lost due to a miscarriage we never knew why this happened, but we knew he was in a better place. It was still a painful loss for us. We named him Lenny Angel.

About a year later, we found out that another baby was on the way. It was another boy, and we were all thrilled. I developed a close bond with him because I took care of him the most. His name is Lenny. Just a few months into his life, we found out another blessing was coming. It was another boy! His name is Mateo. I also developed a close bond with him as I saw them both grow up together. They are one year apart.

My oldest nephew, Max, is a loving and protective brother to his younger siblings. I was thrilled when Max started going to school because it was the beginning of his journey to learn how to speak. I enjoy listening to him now as he chatters away, sounding like a little bird chirping.

Being an auntie has taught me patience, it has helped me develop listening skills, and it has offered me the chance to think about my future. Being an auntie has been an amazing experience, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. ted

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Karla Espinoza, Staff Writer
My name is Karla, I'm 18 year old I'm a senior at Gilbert High School. My fav colors are blue and black.:) I also love listening to music and I like baking it's a calming thing for me to do.

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