What To Do? -STAY SAFE

Colby Romay

April 29, 2020

As the quarantine is finally beginning to peak and drop hopefully for cases and death tolls, it’s been a most definite struggle to find anything worthwhile or how to even make the time pass by at times when stuck inside. I...

Lessons In Life

Colby Romay

April 28, 2020

Growing up is all a part of life, literally! As obvious as this might seem for some to understand intelligence has nothing to do with what we all just about experience when growing up. I’m talking about lessons that can’t be t...

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It!

Colby Romay

April 28, 2020

Dreams are more than what you probably think of them, they’re omens for some, and for others dreams are a reason to continue living throughout life. -A form of hope that can only be found when visited deep within our subcons...


Colby Romay

April 27, 2020

Senior year was, for the most part, decent until the outbreak of COVID-19 spread worldwide. Now, I wonder of the prom I’d envisioned since even before I was a highschooler. I as well as my peers can’t have the graduation pic...

Forms Of Communication

Colby Romay

March 12, 2020

Growing up, there was one class in particular I’d always excel at, when I applied myself that is. English & Writing Skills was and has always been my “strong suit”. My grades weren’t ever solid for many reasons suc...

Dux & Tux 2020

Samantha Astorga, Staff Writer

March 5, 2020

Here at Gilbert, one of our lead counselors had a chance to attend the Dux & Tux event at the Honda Center in Anaheim. This event is mostly fundraising for charities. I interviewed Mrs. Briquelet to see how every...

Super Bowl LIV

Colby Romay

February 3, 2020

Gilbert HighSchool is a community.  A community full of diversity ranging from ethnicity to just about any reason a student would be enrolled at Gilbert.  Although we’re a community we do at times agree to disagree civily,...

What’s The Big Deal With College?

Colby Romay

January 24, 2020

As our world grows, we grow older and begin to understand that life does not wait for us when we fall behind so we must stay ahead as possible and improvise when necessary.  Graduating from high school for a moment might be so...

Self Care By Samantha Astorga

Samantha Astorga, Staff Writer

January 16, 2020

Mental Health is not talked about as much as it should be. Millions of adults, teenagers, even young children are diagnosed with a mental illness. Usually doctors diagnose patients with depression, anxiety, bipolar depression, et...

Soul Soothing Tunes

Colby Romay

January 15, 2020

Since the western gunslinger era we’ve all heard and felt the rhythm of a beat or the lyrics to a song being hummed, sung, or practically preached from the soul for how uplifting music’s effects can be towards our spirits.  ...


Colby Romay

December 19, 2019

Colby Romay Journalism Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is the time of the year where you get to spend time with your family and love ones and you just get to enjoy an amazing Thanksgiving turkey and mashed potatoes. that's...