2019-2020 Staff

Gwenivere Zwickl

Staff writer

On June 23rd, 2003, Gwen Zwickl was born, making her a cancer. Gwen originally came from Cypress but transferred to Gilbert to recover points. She enjoys playing video games, the Legend of Zelda series more specifically. Gwe...

Jeffrey Moso

Staff writer

"A picture is a poem without words"are the words I would use to describe Jeffrey Moso.The concealed artist that originated from Savanna High School to Gilbert High School.He was born in the month of February falling under the z...

Kayli Pinaire

Staff writer

Kayli Pinaire-Woodside is a 17 year old So-Cal native High school senior expecting to graduate in March.  She enjoys writing and reading, so finds a perfect fit as a staff writer for The Gladiator Times. She finds writing inspir...

Jennifer Lacroix

Staff Writer

Jennifer Lacroix is a Senior at Gilbert HS.  She's quite the character let me say, she loves pretty much anything carb-related and UNICORNS.. As far as I'm aware she considers herself to be quite a cute and scary one!

Jacob Reagan

Staff Writer

I was born March 10, 2002. I enjoy working out, watching football, and playing video games in my free time. I grew up in Anaheim. I have a younger brother. I went to Western High School for 9th and 10th grades before coming to...

Roberto Gonzalez

Staff Writer

Roberto is an amazing person he has alot of goals set out , but the main one would be becoming the hottest barber in town , he is currently 17  years young and has a lot of potential in his vision.  

Stephany Diaz

Staff Writer

Singing is a talent that Stephany discovered in herself when she was six years old. She first started off a bit shaky, but she worked her way and practiced every day until she was satisfied with her singing. Right around junio...

Luis Rodriguez

Staff Writer

A unique word to describe Luis Rodriguez is creative.  Luis was enrolled to Gilbert when he was just a sophomore until his senior year, his homeschool was originally Savanna High School but he will always appreciate being pa...

Andrea Cervantes

Staff Writer

Andrea Cervantes was born on August 13, 2001. She lives with both of her parents in Anaheim, CA. Andrea comes from a big family she has 3 sisters and 1 brother, she is the youngest in her family, and she is also the only pers...

Aryanna “Ary” Garcia

Staff Writer

        Aryanna Garcia goes by the name Ary. She is  a 17 year junior that attends Gilbert Highschool. She’s peruvian and mexican. Her favorite season is winter.  She enjoys helping people with anything and everything. ...

Melissa Moreno

Staff Writer

Melissa is a senior at Gilbert High School. Her home school is Magnolia High School. Her birthday is on March 5, 2o02 which makes her a Pisces.  She loves to listen to music and she also loves going to the beach to watch the...

Gabriel Alvarez

Staff Writer

Gabriel Alvarez is a senior and journalism student at Gilbert High School who was born on December 5 2001. His favorite subjects are science and history. He enjoys playing video games in his free time as well as reading and hel...

Edgar Gonzalez

Staff Writer

Edgar Gonzalez, 17, was born in Anaheim, California and has extensive experience as a writer, student, and creative individual. From writing anecdotes and short works of fiction to dedicating several weeks to non-published narrativ...

Jesse Ochoa

Staff Writer

Jesse Ochoa, born on April 12, 2002, is a 17 year old Santa Ana native high school student who enjoys drawing, skating, hanging out with his friends, and playing video games. Growing up Jessie had quite the difficult upbringing....

Colby Romay

Staff Writer

Colby Romay is a 17-year-old male who was born and raised in California. His birthday is on February 13, 2002. His sign is Aquarius which is a water sign. His home school is Cypress High School. He transferred to Gilbert High ...

Ali Alghizzi

Staff Writer

On January 19, 2002 the great Ali Alghizzi was born. Ali heard the words of the great ancient Greek philosophers Socrates and Aristotle and to this very day uses their values in his everyday life. Ali enjoys video gaming. Ali is...

Marley Gutierrez

Staff Writer, Photographer

Marley is a senior at Gilbert High School. His home school is Kennedy. His birthday is August 29th which makes him a Virgo. He enjoys playing video games and drawing. He said that he spends a lot of time drawing. Marley likes...

Jordan Sims

Poet Laureate

"My Life is An Open Book... You Just Have To Pick What Page To Start On." This would some up the life and themes seen in the work and personality of Jordan Sims. Also known as “Simy” (pronounced SIM-EE), meet the new Poet Laur...

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