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Should Schools Make Student Lunches Better?

Are you Really Satisfying Your hunger With The Same Meal Options?

Hello, My name is Valentin Sosa I am a staff writer at Gladiator Times


The issue that is vital today is whether schools should have different food options for their students during their lunches.

When it’s lunch time many students skip lunch due to their school’s lunch being unappealing due to being processed, dry and looking like it was made by a toddler.

In fact 73% of students (Source: have said they would’ve eaten school lunch if there were more options available. On the day that I had a test, I was advised to eat school lunch and I grabbed a plate of what I would normally get. This time, the food had little special guests (AKA maggots). I was in disbelief and shocked. When I reported my lunch, they told me to throw it away. After I threw it away, they offered me a granola bar. I declined. I rarely get lunch to this day because of that incident. 

How can we address this issue? Public school board meetings are a great way to voice our concerns to the people in power. Another way is to increase investing in Schools. Many schools have low budgets and cannot get healthy nutrition for their students. Many different countries including Japan and Finland have excellent meal programs for their students.

Currently the food being served in school lunches are unappetizing, processed and unhealthy. To this day, schools serve the same meals everyday and never offer different dishes. What we have currently is just a spicy chicken sandwich, dry tamales and cardboard tasting pizza

More fresh fruit, more meats available in many cooked ways & dishes.

— A. Student

I asked a couple of my friends during lunch a simple question: “Do you like school lunch and what they have to offer?” Their responses were, “No, the food looks microwaved, dry and bland.” I asked what they would prefer to grab to go, and they replied with, “More fresh fruit, more meats available in many cooked ways & dishes.” And I agree with these tasty opinions.

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Valentin Sosa, Staff Writer
Hi. I am Valentin, a senior at Gilbert High School. I like making beats. This is my first semester on the news team.

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