Tensions Rise as Capstone Requirement Stumps Procrastinating Seniors


Athan E. Carrillo, Staff Writer

      With graduation coming closer and closer with each day and senior grades being due on the 17th, everyone with a percentage below a percentage of 60% is in a tough spot. On top of the grades being due, this year is a first for the new Capstone requirement being implemented by the Anaheim School District. This means if a senior doesn’t complete their capstone and present it they will be denied a spot at the graduation ceremony.  

      So what is Capstone? The capstone project is a project being tried out for the first time that has the seniors reflect on their experiences in the high school and what their plans are for their next stage in life. This is the district’s attempt at making sure every senior is assessed and has a set plan for the future. And if the senior fails to complete the assignment they will be denied the opportunity to walk at this year’s graduation ceremony. 

      And the question arises, is it too much to make the Capstone a requirement or is it tough love? 

      The capstone is extremely positive in the fact that it makes the seniors think of their time here at gilbert and what their plans are gonna be once they graduate and their goals change. However the feeling of having another burden on your chest when you’re already knee deep in economics assignments can make everything seem a little more overwhelming. So is it ok to say whether or not the requirements are too much when it depends on the students responsibility and analytical skills? Is being held from the graduation ceremony a fair consequence for missing the presentations?

      Whether or not the capstone is fair or not, it is a requirement. And the most we can do as seniors is embrace the reflections of our high school life and take a second to think of the things we are thankful for when it comes to our community and take on the presentation with the least amount of resentment as possible. Stay strong, Gladiators, and good luck!