Women’s Rights


Juan Alcala

Me not being a member of the gender that I’m currently speaking about doesn’t really give me the right to tell women what to do with their bodies, and this is the exact opposite of that this is me voicing my support for women in this current difficult time of sexism and oppression of their right to fight their right to choice. Recently, Alabama passed a bill to make abortions basically illegal at any stage of conception making it impossible to basically have the choice of getting an abortion nonexistent by the time you were to actually find out about your pregnancy. These is some of the most restrictive abortion laws in decades to  be passed.

Having the right to choose being gone is not the only ridiculous completely mental issue to come with these new laws and some of  are just disgusting. If there were to be a 12 year old girl to be raped and there were to be a heartbeat heard she can’t get an abortion. She would have to carry the child, and if the doctor were to perform the abortion with hearing a heartbeat they would theoretically get more jail time than the rapist. These laws are unjust, unsafe and prejudice towards women’s right to choice.

We need to be able to realize that men who put the law in place can’t and really shouldn’t have a say in how women  choose to live their lives. We need to protect basic rights that are essential for women and give them back their voice. Uniting to vote to fight prejudice is key to make change politically. I stand for and with women for the protection of their rights, and you should to.