Racism is something to be ashamed of, Race is not.

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.


Des Ayala ^-^, Staff Writer

  1. “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?”  -MLK

If you’ve experienced discrimination of any kind I want to begin with telling you you’re enough.   January 16th we remember the life of Martin Luther King Jr and his work, King was a civil rights activist, A Father, A son, and husband, A man with a soul beyond imaginable for some. MLK was a non-violent activist whos efforts had a great effect on the end of blatant segregation and racism. I chose to use “blatant” meaning; “(of bad behavior) done openly and unashamedly.” Because even today 58 years after the civil rights law was passed many people of color are still experiencing much more generalized discrimination, commonly being invalidated and brushed off with the excuse of “dark humor” and or being told they’re “being too soft.” DO NOT ever let anyone tell you how you should or should not feel, Decide your potential based off records, And or tell you your worth because of your color and or beliefs; MLK didn’t. King organized peaceful protests and marches following Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of nonviolence, a prominent factor in his actions towards the civil rights movement. August 28th 1963 Martin Luther king Jr gave his renowned “I have a dream” speech on the steps of Lincolns memorial stating black lives do matter and deserve Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness as we all do. This speech influenced so many others to refuse being a pawn in the oppressor’s life where others have the power and influence to truly make you hate yourself for nothing other than being you.

“Because if you have love towards somebody, and you respect that person, then you are not going to do any harm to that person.”  -Ghandi                                       I’m going to recognize Gandhi’s philosophy right now as it heavily influenced Martin Luther King Jr to invoke a change against racial segregation, Gandhi viewed non violence as an ideal way of life.  Ahimsa, Love, and Truth, Ghandi believed these three guidelines help stray from violence. (Ahimsa translates to nonviolence in English.) It implies total non violence whether it being physical or mental. “Non Violence is a weapon of the strong”-Gandhi

RACISM is something to be ashamed of, RACE is NOT.                                             

Black lives matter this has not and will never change. A flip didn’t switch in 1936 where suddenly inequality and discrimination was terrible (Which it was, Very terrible.) It was just finally made aware, Finally acknowledged and accepted that it was not morally right to own others and take their rights. Which was surprisingly a hard concept for the oppressors to grasp. Because of these former disgusting beliefs others grew up with, Black men, women, elders, and children have been heavily effected and sadly there are still people who speak of African’s as a relic, unfairly judged and mistreated from birth. There is no doubt in denying the mistreatment people of color face but I believe we have truly come so far and this is only going to evolve. Martin Luther King Jr gave us a start but we aren’t finished until we all put in the effort, Remember the sacrifice’s it took to get here, The people that have suffered so long ago, Aiding those who are suffering now, And not allowing injustice of ANY kind to continue. This Monday (1/13/23) Gilbert Highschool is participating in remembering Martin Luther King Jr. via Servathon a district wide community service event, staff, students, and families partake in offering an assortment of activities. I’m glad to have this opportunity and I hope you take advantage of it as well, see you there:)!