Thank our Cool Nurse on National School Nurse Day


Kaidyn King

Ms. Katrina Weed, our cool, kind, amazing School Nurse

Kaidyn King, Staff Writer

Happy National School Nurse Day to our school nurse Katrina Weed! Everyone admires and loves Katrina. She is always there to help you if you get hurt, and she’s even here if you just need someone to talk to. She gives the sweet compliments and always has such a positive attitude.

I would like to share something that happened recently because it meant a lot to me, and she was so kind for it. It was the day of prom and I came up to her office because I wanted to know if the Community Closet was open because I needed a dress last minute. She got one of the staff members to open the room for me and stayed with me the whole time while I was looking at dresses. I found one that I thought was very pretty and she informed me that it was hers when she went to homecoming.

Rocking Ms. Katrina’s donated dress at the Prom!

It was so nice of her to let me use that one, and it really did mean a lot to me. She’s given me such good advice over the past almost two years I’ve been here, and I just want to say thank you so much Katrina. All of the students here appreciate and love you.