Ke Huy Quan Wins An Oscar For Best Supporting Actor


Leilani Calderon, Staff Writer

So the Oscars was this past weekend, and as you may know the actor from ” Everything Everywhere All At Once” won an Oscar for ” Best Supporting Actor”.  This was by far the most emotional speech that whole night, not only did he cry, but he also brought others to tears.

While they were announcing the winner the female presenter cried while saying his name which really speaks volumes.  I feel as if that show he truly does deserve this more than anyone.

In the beginning of his speech he mentioned his 84 year old mother which really stood out to me because his mom was the first person on his mind when he won that Oscar. He then showed appreciation for her toward the end thanking her for the sacrifices she made, but not only did he thank her, he also thanked his brother. He also brought up how he spent a month on a boat and was in a refugee camp which all led up to him being on Hollywood.

Throughout his whole speech he seemed very humble and grateful for his experience. I strongly believe that he did deserve that Oscar not only because of his amazing performance, but because of how genuine his is.

He’s also the first Vietnam-born actor to win an Oscar. He was also a child actor on Indiana Jones which plays an important part because one of the announcers was Harrison Ford.