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Jeffrey Moso
Jeffrey is a student at Gilbert High School. He was born on February 8, 2002 which means he’s an Aquarius. He has three brothers, a sister, and he likes music. He seems ambitious, he wants to make music, art, cartoons, and a clothing brand so he already has plans for himself after high school. 

He’s set on graduating and he has a few favorite classes like economics, journalism, math, and music history. His reason for being at Gilbert is similar to mine and probably most of the students at Gilbert. Ditching too much. In his free time he enjoys drawing, collecting cassettes, making beats and going to concerts. 

He’s interested in art, music and horror movies. His favorite musician is Bones and favorite horror movie is Nightmare on Elm Street. He also likes the movie Mid 90’s and the musician Pouya.

Jeffrey Moso, Staff Writer

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Jeffrey Moso