Tedy Andreas

Jeffrey Moso, Staff Writer

Tedy Andreas is a hip hop artist born in Connecticut but moved to Houston, Texas when he was five. He later moved to Los Angeles, California. Well known for his 2015 LP release Mad Illusions. He didn’t have many plays, he was just coming up from nothing surely now to something. He’s a rising artist now who has made appearances in Vibe Magazine, Hot 97, and MTV. Before the little fame that he has, he was posting his music on SoundCloud as early as 2013, some tracks like “Velocipede” and “Casablanca ” he also put out an EP called Extraordinary Movements. What makes Tedy stand out from other artists is most definitely his raw lyricism, similar to the 90s movement of Hip-Hop, influenced by various flicks of queens heavy hitters such as Nas and Mobb Deep. He’s from a collective called Origami Prophets along with C. J. Wallace, biggie smalls son, also known as The Notorious B.I.G. Some of Tedy’s blown up songs are, Mercedes, Uneasy and Vices. I would say that Mercedes gave him the fame, with the unique sound, so nostalgic to the 90s. He wrote this song in hopes one day he would have a Convertible Mercedes, which he did and it appeared in his music video Mercedes in 2016. Tedy TEDY ANDREAShas released over 2 albums his first was IN2DEEP which was released in 2017 and his second album was released last year Andreas Soriano.