Jeffrey Moso, Staff Writer

I’m trying to get out of this skin.

It hurts every time I move

there’s nothing in here for me

I keep hearing voices coming 

from all over the place 

telling me I don’t

belong here 

I know I don’t 

but this skin is stuck on me 

and I can’t get out

I’m tired of 

pretending to be someone 

I’m not

It hurts every single time I move

It’s like it’s a constant reminder that

I don’t belong 

wait a minute 

they’re talking 

to me—oh god they’re trying to kick me out—

their voices keep growing louder

—god this head is no use to me

why can’t they leave me 

alone with my own voice? 

there are pictures in here

I don’t remember them 

but they make me feel 


especially this person’s face

why does this person 

make me feel 


but sad 

at the same time? 


the voices are talking

to me again

—they’re telling me things

—wait they’re telling me