Brawlhalla tournament

Devin Vazquez , Staff Writer

Get ready gladiators for the one and only winter special Brawlhalla  competition. Critics across the campus say its gonna be big and its gonna get crazy. Hold on to your backpacks this final week before winter break , as the tournament begins this Tuesday.

This event was brought to you by the gaming club and Mr. Trans. Starting this Tuesday during lunch, don’t miss out.

The preliminaries are starting with Justice Galvin, a brawlhalla player for only a while. “i’m aiming for the top” he says, yet we will see soon where he lands.

Brady Charpentier is our next contester, a player since the game first released, thought he is only aiming for second place, setting a low standard to avoid disappointment. Who knows why he has low standards  but we will find out.

Cameron Daniels has also joined the tournament, he is a fortnight pro who has transfared to Brawlhalla and so far has been playing for a couple months. All he has to say is he hopes to see how far he can get with his Mushong his favorite character.

Daniel Stivewell is our last contestant, he has been playing Brawlhalla for a while.  “Im winning this game” these are his words, loud and proud. will he keep this confidence after the preliminaries?

Who do you believe will win? Keep up with the gladiator news updates to find out the results. Be on track with the news and your home work.