Youth Ride Free Bus Pass


Gaby Lazo, Staff Writer

If your student currently has a yellow Youth Ride Free bus pass, The date had been said to be expired on February 28th. The date then got extended to MARCH 31st until spring break begins.

The morning of March 1st the bus passes were NOT working for anyone. The card would be invalid but the driver would let students on board anyway. A lot of student use the buss passes to get to school and get home from school. It’s important for students to know about the buss passes because it’s their use of transportation. Right now, if you were to get on the bus and swipe it, It would be invalid but the bus drivers should be letting students on the bus even if they just have the pass to show them they have one.

Please inform your student to not throw away their current pass.

If your student is in need of a bus pass, please have them visit our Family Resource Center at our Gilbert Campus before school, during lunch, or after school.