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US banning TikTok


The US is coming out saying they want to banned TikTok after The house of Representatives passed a bill on Wednesday.

According to an article i read “Many House legislators have argued that the app could allow the Chinese government to access user data and influence Americans through the wildly popular social media platform’s addictive algorithm. The White House has backed the bill, with President Joe Biden saying he would sign it if it passes Congress”.

Tiktok is owned by the Chinese government and the us government is saying the Chinese government is using tiktok to spy of Americans with short films used on tiktok.

The app is used by about 170 million Americans. If it gets banned, it would be removed from app stores including Apple and Google, and blocked on web hosting services.

Many people are talking about it on tiktok saying how they’re distroying a community people have created the last 7 years in tiktok, People are also saying that’s a paying job how people do get paid on tiktok for just making videos, From what i heard people quit their jobs to do tiktok content videos because they get paid. People are also saying they learn more in tiktok than in school .  You’re able to call and find your senator and tell them how important tiktok is to you and try to stop tiktok from banning.

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