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Rescuing a dog

Finding the owner.
lost dog

Karen and I rescued a dog on March 13. We are on our way home from school and we planned to go to my house. On our way home we decided to get some pizza because we were hungry so we stopped my little Caesars. When we were close by my house we saw a dog running around. At first I didn’t think anything of it. I thought the owner was near by until we waited about 7 minutes and nobody came looking for the dog.

I told Karen what should we do, Her and I were confused and didn’t know what t0 do. I called my mom and let her know I found a dog and don’t want to leave it alone for the streets because if it was my dog I’d want someone to help it get back home. My mom said to call my sister because she wasn’t home. My sister asked me if we wanted to go take it to the vet to check if she has a chip to locate her owners.

When we got to the vent we waited about 10-15 minutes until they could attend us. When they finally attended up they were having trouble checking to see if they the dog had a chip. I was feeling really bad because who knows how their owners feel knowing they lost their dog. After struggling for a bit they were able to find it and they ended up finding the owner and me and Karen were filled with relief because we saved a lost puppy and made the owner happy as well. 40 minutes later the owner came and she gave me and Karen a hug, She was full of tears and she just kept saying thank you because she though she has lost her dog forever. The owner ended up telling us her dogs name was lippy and she was 4 years old.

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Cindy Gomez, Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Cindy Gomez. I'm a 17 year old business owner. (makeup artist & baking shop) I’m also a senior at Gilbert.

Karen Carmona, staff writer
Hi my name is Karen im a senior in Gilbert High School. My favorite artist is Frank Ocean. I have a cat named Lucki <3

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