Staff and Students Get Competitive in Kahoots Olympics


Staff and students agree, the Kahoot! Google meetings are fun and entertaining. Each week students in their third period elective classes are invited to play in what Mr. Dechene describes as “Olympics” designed to engage us all in a multi-faceted 5c’s experience. Gladiators get to collaborate, communicate, get creative, think critically, and generally build our character through virtual sportsmanship and good, clean fun.

The Kahoot! game is conducted through a google meeting which allows competitors to play, to talk, to see each other, and to engage in a public chat that is often downright hilarious. Through these weekly events, Gladiators are building a better community of learning and camaraderie that may never have happened if not for virtual distance learning. Consider this one of the perks of the pandemic, and chalk it up to WINNING!

This week was the second round of  Trivia Olympics. There were over 4o Gladiators participating during the third period event. Competitors included mostly club advisors and their elective students.  Last week the opening theme was SPORTS. This week the theme was MOVIES. The questions were written by a group of ASB students led by (Stephanie) and there were a variety of questions, most of them featuring little-known facts about Disney movies. 

Senior editor, Josiah Perez, stated he enjoyed competing as a representative of room 12. He finished in 5th place, “just like the last time when we were all in Kahoots on sports.”

First-time player and journalist Hugo Romero added, “I got a pretty good score, but not as good as the top 3 winners. The questions were pretty interesting.”

Even the teachers upped their game and intensified their competitive edge while clamoring for a spot on the leader board. Ms. Frese, aka Rocket!, and Ms. Resch, aka Mama Bear, and other club advisors tried their best to take the top trophy, but they were outshined by senior Marco “B8” Badillo of Team 8. Ms. Frese managed to hold on to 2nd place this week, and movie buff Tristian Corona finished 3rd, representing Team 12.

Clearly, the Kahoot! Olympics make learning fun and give everyone a chance to feel good again. “My experience with Kahoot! was pretty fun. It’s amazing to me how a few classes can get together every week to take part in a break for entertainment. Although there is competition, it’s still fun to just participate, interact, and even relate to people you don’t even know,” explained Zitlali Perez, a senior editor at Gilbert High School. 

There will be no game next week during Spring Break, but you can all expect to get an invitation to join the March 30th game. Check your email for the link to the google meeting. We also recommend you download the free Kahoot! app on your phone and start practicing. Game on!