Gilbert High School Takes a Ride on “The Time Machine”


Gilbert’s students before the main performance

Gabriel Alvarez, Staff Writer

dThis year Gilbert got to experience the 87th annual Festival of Arts’ Pageant of The Masters. Ms. Frese presented the idea to us in class and introduced us to some of the art. I was instantly intrigued by the life-sized paintings. I was one of thirty-six Gilbert attendees on the August 22nd field trip to Laguna Beach.

When we first got to the festival, Ms. Frese divided us up into small groups and sent us on a scavenger hunt to find different pieces of art and artists throughout the exhibit. The exhibit was a personal favorite of mine. I liked all the different forms of art and different people expressing their emotions, ideas, or just anything that they were inspired by. 

Mr Fields, the technology service technician here at Gilbert, was one of eight adult staff members who chaperoned us. He said that one of his favorite parts of the night was witnessing a working artist demonstrate how he makes a sculpture out of bronze. There was another part of the Festival that included student artwork from kids from local schools in Laguna Beach ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade. One of my favorite pieces there was by Daniel Le, a junior at Westminster High School, who named his art Rotted Flow. There were so many notable artists in this exhibit like Christopher Allwine, Jacobus Baas, and Bree Port. The student art exhibit is an annual feature at the Festival of Arts. I wish Gilbert High School students also got the opportunity to participate in this student competition. It would be cool to see one of us featured there in the future.

        All of Gilbert’s attendees were blown away by the main performance, The Time Machine

Most spoke highly of the theme, admiring the educational aspects of the show. When the first piece of art came out I didn’t even realize it because the performers were so still. I thought it was  just a regular painting. Sam Alvarez who is a senior here at Gilbert said one of his favorite parts of the night was, “being able to see our very own Ms.Frese,” in a tableaux. He also enjoyed time spent sitting with all his fellow Gilbert classmates. Many people liked the idea that the performers were doing something unique. They also respect the talent that each cast member has to have to look and hold still for that long.

One nice surprise of the evening came at intermission. When our group took the fifteen minute break, we were greeted by two Pageant crew members, Paul and Randy, who arranged for us to enjoy cookies and cups of hot cocoa outside the stage door. This was such a pleasant gesture that made everyone feel special. 

There were multiple students whose favorite part of the night, hands down, was getting to go backstage! Many questions were answered when we saw everything up close, including the platforms that the performers stood on. They also liked the fact that it was exclusive to go back stage, and we got to be a part of that. Gilbert students will cherish the memory of the chance to see The Festival of Arts Pageant of The Masters.

Gilbert’s attendees before the main performance
The piece of art Ms.Frese was featured in
A photo op after the backstage appearance with a gift from the crew