Global News: Ukraine Story and Insight from Mr.Wilson

Global News: Ukraine Story and Insight from Mr.Wilson

Alexis Cazares, Staff Writer

What made me decide to go to Ukraine was my heart.”

— Mr. Wilson

On March 1st, 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine. Ukrainian citizens have struggled, seeking ways on how to leave Ukraine without separating from their families. Men aged 18- 60 have been asked to stay and remain in Ukraine to join the army or defend their Country against the Russians soldiers. President Biden calls out to the free world to put Putin on trial for war crimes over Russia’s killings in Ukraine. As the war continues, more and more damaged cultural sites continue to grow. It has been a month since Russia has invaded Ukraine.

One of our retired history teachers, Mr. Wilson, went to personally go help in Poland. Mike Wilson taught social studies at Gilbert for 27 years. He retired almost 5 years ago. He’s been doing different things since retirement. Mr. Wilson’s thoughts while in Poland were about how humans have been so cruel to the weak throughout history from the Babylonians to the Egyptians to the Aztecs, and always the children suffer.

What made him decide to go to Ukraine was his heart. He said it compelled him to go after watching the images of the people having their homes destroyed and being forced to leave without their pets. When he arrived in Poland he realized his way of going to Ukraine was too unrealistic, so he decided to stay in Krakow, Poland and met refugees as they came across the border on the buses and trains. There were other volunteers helping by providing different services.

Mr. Wilson felt sad for all the children who had to leave their homes behind. He decided to buy toys and coloring books for the children who had nothing with them. When he gave the children each their own set of coloring books and crayons that he got from a local bookstore he made sure to do it with the love in his heart. Their parents often cried because they had nothing for their kids, and they were grateful. Mr. Wilson acknowledges the tremendous help that the Polish people are giving to the Ukrainian refugees. Ukrainian citizens’ reactions to Mr. Wilson helping them were met with emotion and they welcomed him with open arms and hearts.

Mr. Wilson announced he will be returning to Poland once again to continue helping the refugees. He also has a account for anyone who wishes to support his efforts. He plans to contribute to a local Polish charity who is helping care for the lost and abandoned animals there.

“Wars – Why have so much gore?” by Alexis Cazares

O wars, Leaders.

Why must you use weapons?

Innocent lives being lost for what

Citizens dealing with the consequences.

Others from around the world

 Watch the news in horror

Seeing all the terror

 With nothing we can do 

All we can do is hope 

That it will all end soon

We do not need this gore

Just so many can suffer 

We lose our right to live

None of us deserve this torture.