Rainbow Gladiators Club Sets Example for Other Schools to Follow


Steven Nietes, Staff Writer

The Rainbow Gladiators is a club located in room 40. The club is open and welcome to anyone that would like to be a part of the club. The club and class advisor is Mrs. Monique Maessen. She is a very nice, amazing teacher that really cares for the students and creates bonds with them as well.

There are currently ten people that are a part of this club. Mrs. Maessen describes these students as active, happy and overall exicted. 

The club started off when a few kids wanted to have a gay-straight alliance on campus. As a result, Gilbert became the only school to have this club. The hopes of this club is to connect the youth with each other as well as with the community members that will help assist them in the future. 

Rainbow Gladiators hosts all sorts of activities These include attending Pride events, and arts and crafts, learning about LGBTQ, as well as Historical figures, events, and they also have group therapy sessions. 

The club also deals with some serious topics. Some examples are Mental health, coming out talks, and acceptance of family and friends with their relationships. Mrs. Maessens hopes that the Rainbow Gladiators helps students to thrive and continue to be their true selves.