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The Mysterious Case of a Stolen Skateboard

and The Importance of Campus Safety and Security
Elijah Scully
Designated area for bikes and skateboards.

Hello, Gladiators.  Today I will be talking about my skateboard and the frustration of it being stolen.  The last time I had seen my skateboard was April 17th.  I had come to school around 9:30 that morning and checked it in to the holding station, and later I had come to pick up my board after school at 2:23 PM.  To my surprise, it was not there.

We have a designated area at Gilbert where students store their skateboards and bikes.  I thought this system was trustworthy.   There is always security present, or it is locked.  Security members actually witnessed a student take the board around 2:00 PM.

I felt betrayed when they told me that they saw the student take the board and was suspicious about it.  If you were suspicious about a student that has never had a skateboard why wouldn’t you stop and question them?  Even if you were wrong it doesn’t hurt, so I thought.

I spoke with Ms. Serrano about the incident.  We went over the security camera footage and were able to identify a student as the culprit. It was proven to be the student they thought it was.  He was given until the following Monday to bring it back.  Unfortunately, this student chose to deny responsibility.

I was greatly hurt and disappointed about this situation, especially because it was my birthday week.  I began to think that Gilbert High School needs a better system in place.  I investigated ways to change and improve the system.

I was told by security that they used to have a sign in/out sheet, but stopped using it because, “Not that many students bring a skateboard to school.”  I was also informed by other adults on campus that, “These things happen,” and, “It’s an honor system here.”

No matter if nobody brings a board or everyone does, it’s still important to have a secure system in place.  It’s not like losing a cell phone. Bikes and cars and skateboards are modes of transportation to and from school. Our vehicles should not be at risk while we are at school. The system is corrupt.

My last option to try to get my board back was to file a police report.  This should not have been something that I had to do.  A person’s skateboard should not be stolen in order to fix the system.  This was unfair to me, but it had to be done. I tried to file my report online, but this system did not work either, and I asked my teacher for help.

Finally, the police came to school due to Ms. Frese calling them and they got my statement.  I was doubtful I would get my skateboard back, but at the end of fourth period I was surprised to be called up to the office to be greeted by my administrators and with my skateboard.  I was jumping with joy.  I was so relieved to have my skateboard back.  I want to give a big thanks to Ms. Serrano and Ms. Frese with helping me get my skateboard back.

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About the Contributor
Elijah Scully
Elijah Scully, Staff Writer
Hi! :3 I am Elijah.  I'm a senior here at Gilbert.  I love music, skating, and art.  My favorite animal of all time is a tiger shark.

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