The Unlimited You Video

Alberth Cardenas, Staff Writer

Acceptance, Open-Minded, Powerful, Hope, Independent, Faith, Potential, Understanding, Love, Opportunity,  Recovery, Individualistic, Strength, Possibility, Patience, Peace, Respectful, Excellence, Second Chance. These are the words that define Gilbert High School.

Welcome to the Gilbert family. This Unlimited You video is about you and you only. You see the words above? These words all have to do with the Gladiator in you. They define the Gladiator life:

Acceptance is to accept yourself for who you are., once you do, it becomes natural to accept all others for who they are. Open-Minded is for you to not limit your mind to only some certain things in life, instead, you should have unlimited thoughts and ideas. Powerful is a reminder for you to be strong and not let anybody drag you down. Hope is for you to believe in you and others. Faith is alive no matter where you end up faith shall be your guide to your destiny. Potential is for you to always believe that you can do anything. Understanding is to know yourself and others around you. Love, the unconditional embrace of humanity! Opportunity is the chance to find things you desire the most out of life. Recovery is to gain what you lost. Individualistic is to be prepared to stand tall and be yourself in any situation. Strength is to never find yourself weak and to always be prepared in any occasion. Possibility is knowing you can do anything on any occasion. Patience is to always know when it is the right time to shine. Peace is to never hold a grudge against someone and to remain neutral at all costs. Respectful is for you to be kind and generous to other people so they can treat you the same way. Excellence is the best effort you can give in life. Everybody messes up, but never let mistakes ruin your life; always think of a way you can make it better. This is why Gilbert High School is the home of Second Chances.