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Students with Jobs

How do they manage to balance work and school at the same time?
Students with Jobs

Here at Gilbert High School are many students with Jobs. For some its easy to balance it and for Its hard to. I asked two Gilbert students with jobs and asked what is their strategy for them to achieve in both aspects. The first student said, for me what helps me to still be on track with school and not fall behind is trying to get everything schoolwork done here at school in my classes. Since I go into work straight after school, I do not  have time to do it after school and when I get home I shower and fall asleep since I come back  tired. If I do not  finish it here at school I try to do it over the weekend so I can get caught up. Overall she has it balanced by having a schedule that accommodates her and her schoolwork. The other student I asked said, it can be hard due to me not managing my time wisely like I know it has to be done but I procrastinate myself to much on leaving everything last minute. I say I’ll eventually do it but when I want to most of the time I have to be at work. That is something I am trying to change. A way that I think helps is trying to finish it in class or do it after I get home from work.

 In conclusion, those are two different point of views I got on how they manage there school and work at the same time, wether its complicated or not. If you have a job how do you manage keeping your schoolwork on track while being in High School?

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Brisa Amador, Staff Writer

Heyyy, I am Brisa. I’m a senior here at Gilbert High School. I love doing my makeup and hanging out with friends :)

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