No Kid Hungry

Juan Alcala, Staff Writer

Recently Gilbert HS had special guest speaker actress Cailee Spaney to talk about the organization No Kid Hungry and what it means to be apart of NKH. Cailee came to interact and discuss with the student club Friday Night Lights and Journalism to engage with us about the struggle of poverty and youth hunger in America. Famous actor Jeff Bridges also happens to be involved in NKH and participates in their summer program called Summer Meals where people who go around and give meals to children in low income neighborhoods and participate in activities playing with the children. I was able to ask Cailee considering that shes a working actor how she was able to spare time for this organization and she responded by saying that she gets in contact with people who represent NKH and asks “I’m free, what can i do to help?” If anyone wants to be able to be apart of NKH all they would have to do is go to and they can receive more information there or help sign people up for jobs that people can do at NKH.