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Remembering Mr. Prange

Teacher and Coach at Loara High School with a 33-Year History
Remembering Mr. Prange

On Thanksgiving Day of 2023, a Loara coach and beloved teacher passed away at a family gathering due to a heart attack. His name was Ed Prange. He was involved in many athletics teams through the years. He was mainly the coach for boys basketball. He was also well known for his loud booming voice! He was really tall too. His height was around 6ft+. Let’s just say, we all looked up to him. He was 59 years old when he passed away.

I personally knew Mr. Prange. I was a student of his for P.E. freshman year and credit recovery, and P.E for my junior year. The way I would describe him is “caring” and “epic”. He truly cared for every student. He would make everyone laugh. He would put you on the spot with silly nicknames he would give you. He was truly an amazing person.

His assignments were easy, meaning, he made sure everyone could pass his class. He always had stories to tell, and they were always some wild stories that would catch your attention. He also loved to ask his students the most random questions, and he enjoyed hearing their stories.

Whenever I had Starbucks he always asked what I ordered, and same thing goes for my nails, When I would get a new set he always was interested in seeing what type of design I got. It was always cool to  show him and see his reaction. One thing I’ll never forget that he told me is when he asked me if i worked. I said,  “I have a business for right now,” and I told him I do makeup. Of course, he made a joke saying, ”Can you do my makeup?” and I laughed, but said yes, and we both had a good laugh out of it.

He told me, ”Keep it up. I know you’re going to go somewhere with your business,” and that made my whole day.  He always checked up on me asking how my business was going.

The last time I spoke with and saw him was the last day of my junior year. I told him I wouldn’t be attending Loara anymore and will be moving schools to work on credits, and he said, ”Good luck, kiddo, hope to see you doing something big in the future. Don’t forget about me when you do!” and that was the last thing he told me.

If I would’ve known that was the last time I would see him I would’ve hugged him and told him he was one of the best teachers, and thanked him for guiding me through the years.

May he rest in peace. My prayers go out to his wife and family. He’ll forever be in everyone’s heart that he made smile.


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About the Contributor
Cindy Gomez, Staff Writer
Hello! My name is Cindy Gomez. I'm a senior at Gilbert high school,  I'm a makeup artist of 4 years (book with me for all type of events) I also love the color pink :D

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  • M

    Ms. FreseNov 30, 2023 at 10:44 am

    A beautiful remembrance, Cindy. Nicely written. By sharing your memories, you have provided a safe space here for all of those who knew Mr. Prange to find some healing in their own memories of him. Thank you.