It’s Mental Health Awareness Month !

Its Mental Health Awareness Month !

Leilani Calderon, Staff Writer

So as some of us may know the month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental Health Awareness Month started in 1949 and we continue to spend the whole month spreading awareness and showing how important mental health is.  This month is important since it makes us realize how people do struggle mentally.  I think we’ve all struggled mentally whether it’s just by being drained or having mental illness so I think it’s really important to educate yourself and spread awareness during the month of May. Most people during this month do that by posting about it, talking about their personal experience, or by just acknowledging it. I think it’s great that in this generation we are more educated on mental health, especially since over 1 in 5 teens struggle and about 1 in 25 people live with serious mental illness. I know me personally, I struggle a lot mentally for years and I find it really nice to see people speak more about how hard it is. I think it’s great to speak up just incase someone needs help or can see how they’re not alone

This month should be important to the students at Gilbert as well, because while being here I’ve noticed that many of the students here struggle a lot mentally. Most of them are here because of their mental health, the struggle they had impacted their schooling which caused them to fall behind. I’m saying this because it happened to me and multiple people that I know. I know that it’s the most important thing to me because I struggle a lot and have even struggled so much that I tried cutting my story short so many times.  With that being side please don’t be afraid to speak up about your mental health because there’s so many people around you who are willing to help.


If you or anyone you know is struggle mentally don’t be afraid to reach out.

Mental Health Hotline : 866-903-3787