Gunman killed Neighbors

Rosa Morales, Staff writer

Francisco Oropesa was allegedly drunk in shooting an AR 15 outside of his home near Cleveland Texas .

Garcia says that he asked him to stop because a child inside was scared “I told my wife to go inside because he had a loaded the gun” .

Oropesa forced himself inside their home turning his weapon on Garcia wife Sonia that’s when his friend told him to run ans that Sonia is dead “you have 2 kids run we will take care of ourselves”.

His son died because he was trying to protect his mom,saying that the child saw her fall and ran toward her.

So that’s when Garcia went through the window.

“That’s when the suspect shot at me ,he shot at me five  times behind my house when he didn’t catch me he returned to gun him down again and shot them on the head”.Then the gun was turned on Rivera.”I looked to my left and he was pointing his gun at me he told me I was looking for you I’m going to kill you.”

After throwing a machete at Oropesa both men were able to run to safety.

The five people die, Deanna and Julissa died covering their children,they died defending their children and Oropesa is still on the run.

Which is terrifying for those who survived this tragedy.

“I’m scared because he can come back and look for us,but we’re hoping that police do their job and arrest him .”

The FBI says hundreds of the law enforcement officers from it  over a dozen agencies are activity searching for Oropesa and he’s considered armed.

Recently  The Texas mass shooter was reportedly hiding  in a closet at his sister’s home ; his wife was at the sister’s

home at the time of the arrest as well.