Sprint 1Million Project With AUHSD

Potential Is Everywhere

Annaysa Sanchez, Staff Writer

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Potential Is Everywhere

A popular telecommunication company, Sprint, created a mission to help around 1 million students who lack internet access at home. Those students who did not have the proper access to WiFi normally would spend hours in restaurant parking lots, or waited in long lines at their local libraries to get their homework finished.

Nearly 70% of teachers assign homework that requires internet access. Without internet access at home, millions of America’s high school students do not have the same opportunities to achieve their full potential. Sprint felt that this wasn’t fair, and wanted to tackle this homework gap issue.

Sprint decided to distribute 113,000 devices to more than 1,400 schools in 120 districts across 31 states during the first year of this program. Gilbert High School was chosen to be blessed with this opportunity to help their handful of students by giving them free mobile devices and free high-speed internet access.

Thank you, Sprint!