Who do you want to be? Gilbert Stories: Aaron McFadden (Yung Senju)


Jason Healy, Editor

While We are on the topic of Identity and legacy or what you want to leave behind, There is someone I know who would be a perfect example, but before I get to that; I have a question for you. Do you like artists like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Smino, JID, and Anderson Paak? If your answer is yes to any of these listed, I would like to introduce you to an upcoming artist and producer as well as a personal friend of mine who goes by the name of Yung Senju.

I met Aaron better known as Yung Senju during my time at Kennedy High School, and while he didn’t go to Kennedy I met him through a mutual friend of ours (Brian) and he was really like an older brother to me. When I first met Aaron I had no clue how far He’d get into music but stayed very optimistic for his dream to write and produce music and while our time in person together was short lived, we stayed in contact as he Moved to New Orleans.

Aaron McFadden or Yung Senju started Producing in his 9th grade and writing in his 10th and actually started making music as a joke to respond to a “diss track” his friend made he states, ” Ever since then I just truly loved making music. I’ve also been playing piano since I was in kindergarten, and I picked up the trumpet in 6th grade, so I always had a hand in making music.”

Yung Senju recently Released an album on April 28th by the name of “Blackman Wunderlan” according to Senju, “One main theme from the album that I’d like to resonate with everyone, It’s self love. The reason that I named it Blackman Wunderlan is explained a little in the song Wunderlan, but it’s because my mom to call me black and wonderful. It was in a time of my life where I struggled with my identity and wasn’t fully comfortable in my skin. That’s why there’s a mix of songs where I talk about loving myself, there’s songs where I talk about black struggle, there’s songs where I talk about my bouts with being suicidal, and there’s so much more that I packed into the album, however; I want the main message of the album to be about self love and believing in yourself!”

I know it may sound Cliche to tell anyone reading that really working towards your goals will get you far, but it really is the case, Aaron wanted to write and produce music and started with nothing but a laptop, garage band, and a small blue yeti mic. While he still may be growing and beginning his journey with his first “studio made album” he is following his dream by staying true to his goal and believing in himself.

Proud of you Aaron, the world is yours.


You can find Yung Senju onĀ Instagram (links to all socials in bio):https://instagram.com/senju.yung