Cypress High School Walkout for Gun Violence


Bryce Walker, Staff Writer

On April 5th, 2023 students and faculty at Cypress High School scheduled a school walkout to bring light to gun violence in the United States. This was an organized, civil disobedience protest, and it was a big hit at the school.

Students wore orange and began the walkout at 12 PM. Students gave speeches to spread awareness during the walkout. The walkout was such a big success that the Principal had to write emails to the parents to explain. Principal Jennifer Brown informed Cypress Parents and families that the Ethnic Studies course was the sponsor of the Student Walkout surrounding gun violence in schools.

She explained the event was planned at the last-minute and apologized for not informing families sooner so they could discuss in advance with their students. She also reminded parents not to call their students during class time as students aren’t supposed to be on their phone while in class, and that email is a better method for communicating. She concluded her message by explaining that “gun violence is a multi-faceted issue and student voice is very important to us as a school,” and “if your student chooses to participate we will maintain their safety and ensure that this is a respectful and civilized event.”

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