Get Well, Mr. Wilson. We Love You!


We love Mr. Wilson more than words can say!

Alexis Cazares, Staff Writer

Mr. Wilson, a retired Gilbert High School history teacher who taught for twenty-seven  years  here, needs all of our prayers. He received a very serious health diagnosis from his doctor a few months ago, and he has bravely been going through rigorous treatment ever since. We know he’s a fighter and he can beat this.

Mr. Wilson is one of our favorite substitute teachers who has been subbing in our classrooms regularly.  We hope we get to see his smiling face back on our campus as soon as he recovers.

He is an amazing humanitarian who personally  went  to  go  help  and  donate  items  to  people  who  were  suffering  through the war in Ukraine last year.  He flew to Europe and took  a  train  all  the  way  to  Poland, just out of the kindness of his  heart.

Did you know Mr. Wilson is a musician and recorded a song with his friend Lee Oscar of “War”. It’s called “More Than Words Can Say” and you can listen to it here:

Mike Wilson with Lee Oscar

We  hope  you  get  well,  Mr.  Wilson.  Gilbert  Gladiators  are  rooting  for  you  to  beat  this! We love you more than words can say.