Kaeden Morgan Represents Gilbert at AUHSD Soapbox Talks


Kaeden Morgan shines at AUHSD Soapbox event

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The District Soapbox Talks event was held last night at Loara High School. Every school in the district was represented by a student who previously won their site “Talks” event in the weeks prior. Gladiator junior, Kaeden Morgan, was Gilbert High School’s representative.

Kaeden spoke fourth in the high school competition and shared their message “America is Burning” – a two-minute+ talk about the historical social and economic problems that keep recurring in the United States. Kaeden’s family came to the country from Nicaragua, in hopes of a brighter future; but as Kaeden pointed out the future remains questionable due to rising inflation, cost of living increases, gun violence, and the mental health crisis, among other issues.

“What can we do about this?” they asked. “Communicate!” was the answer. Kaeden encouraged their audience to have conversations with family, friends, and neighbors. Communicate…because all we really have is each other.

Every speaker was a winner and was applauded by the audience comprised mainly of a small contingency of relatives, teachers, administrators, classmates, and a few District personnel and School Board members. Our Superintendent was present and helped hand out the awards to the winners.

Here at Gilbert High School, everyone is very proud of Kaeden. They spoke with dignity, integrity, and conviction. This was an awesome way to launch Gilbert High School into Spring Break – on a positive high note! Well done, Kaeden.

To view the entire presentation and hear all the speeches, click the video link below.

AUHSD Soapbox 2023