Mental Health Days


Leilani Calderon, Staff Writer

Last week we had a petition going around talking about giving students 2 mental health days, which I think we should allow students to have when they feel overwhelmed mentally. Everyone knows how draining high school can be and it can be even more draining when you struggle mentally. It’s sometimes hard to focus on your work when there’s so many thoughts running through your mind and dealing with your own issues, so giving students a break when the need it the most can be beneficial in many ways.

I personally think it would cause students mental health to increase because they won’t be so drained due to being overstimulated when they’re mentally struggling. I think if we had enforced this earlier it would have helped not only me but many other students, because some days I just couldn’t handle being at school at all. I think it’s great as long as kids don’t abuse it and just take advantage of this privilege we’ve been given.