Gilbert’s “Medieval Times” Themed Senior Night Recap


Gilbert  High  School  had   Senior  Night  at  Medieval  Times  on  March  6th. The event began at 7:30  and  ended  at 9:30 PM.  Gilbert  seniors  were gifted  blue  and  gold  crowns  at  the  entrance,  and  were seated at  table  one, front  row  seats. They were offered souvenirs and slushies.

For  dinner  seniors enjoyed garlic  toast  with  tomato  soup,  dragon  wings   (chicken)  corn  on  the  cob,  potato skins, and  to  drink  we  had  either  Pepsi  or  water. Dessert  was a chocolate  donut  with  whipped  cream  filling.

During  the  show  flowers  were  thrown  into  the crowd.  Monica Juarez  caught  one  of  the  flowers.  There was a medieval style  battle  between warriors on horseback represented by different   colors,  but  in  the  end  it  was  our  color,   blue   and  gold,  versus  red  and  black.   The Blue  and  Gold  team  won  the  battle  between  all  of the colors.  Everyone  had  a  great  time  and  enjoyed  the  show.