The Bathroom Policy Needs Your Attention


Bayron Valladares, Editor

Attention everybody in the AUHSD leadership society, mainly Mr. Lara, Dr. Slim And Mrs. Pittman, who represent us here, the bathroom policy is not right and should be stopped right now this instant. This idea that we have at Gilbert High School is not a bathroom policy it’s more of a punitive way of using authority.

For example, you have the type of authority to tell someone when and when not to use the bathroom, and telling them they have 8 minutes is way too controlling. It just wrong to do this because this is Gilbert High School which is not your average high school. It will never be a normal high school because everyone who comes to Gilbert is academically different. We students can’t relate to average, normal straight A student caliber, but if anything, we Gilbert kids are more creative and smarter than them. We just haven’t really had the chance to show that because of this wild lifestyle we all have going on here.

My point is the bathroom policy shouldn’t be a thing. Treat us like responsible kids. Yes, not everybody here uses the bathroom wisely or uses it how they should, but sometimes a break from class is what we need.

Like I said everyone here has either gone through or is going through something crazy, and sometimes all we need is quick break and a breath of some fresh air. The main reason on why this the problem though is because sometimes our thoughts can over take us and when you have thoughts like, “there is no point to be in a classroom because i’m gonna be in my own thoughts,” rather than trying to pay attention. We need a mental health break, not a timer.

Also I would like to add that we have only two restrooms for the boys and girls to take advantage of. There wouldn’t be  so many people waiting to use the bathroom if there were two  girl restrooms and two boy restrooms open during passing period. Let’s reflect on that.