Celebrating Gladiator Leaders and Achievers

Gen. Staff, Staff Collaboration

If you haven’t noticed by now, Gilbert High School is a busy, thriving community of staff, students and teachers working together to make the world a better place. We are a Community School, with many aspects of learning going on. This week, students had the opportunity to visit the Holocaust Museum, the LA Opera, and to raise their voices by responding to our LCAP survey.

There is so much to be grateful for as we continue to work together to build and develop the positive community school spirit that makes Gilbert High School a great environment for everyone. One such particular gratitude spotlight is shining on the leaders and achievers who are emerging across campus. We have our inspiring Teachers of the Year, Mr. Nolan Schmitt and Ms. Esmerelda Hernandez, and our amazing Administrator of the Year, Mr. Jose Lara. We also have exceptional students on our campus who are working hard in their classrooms to demonstrate mastery, show improvement, or generate ideas that make our school site more engaging.

Hector Bravo, our Gilbert High School Student of the Week, who is new to Gilbert and comes to us from Anaheim High School,  has had great attendance, is currently passing all of his classes, and has demonstrated great citizenship. Hector was recognized in front of his classmates, given a certificate, a shout out on our Instagram page and a personal phone call home informing his parents as well. Congratulations to all of our teachers, leaders, and students who have been recognized this year.

We also have committees, teams, and clubs across campus who are making a difference and raising awareness for the issues that unite us all. We see you. We appreciate you.

Shout out to Elain Medrano, Destiny Ayala, and friends for generating a call to action across campus. They have started a student movement for Social Justice, with hopes of forming a new club on campus. They will be hosting their first meeting on February 7th in room 12 at lunch.

Also, the Music Club has gained some attention and more interest. Students and staff members have donated gear, funds, time, and ideas to make the music magic happen.

Here at The Gladiator Times, we want you to know we see you, and we appreciate you, each and every day. Please look to us here online for more stories that recognize and highlight the wonderful things you are doing.

February is also Black History Month, and we will be sharing the stories that have shaped us and asked us to rise up and take action.

There is a lot going on across campus. Take note. Get involved. Celebrate, and read all about it in The Gladiator Times!