Rocket Girl the Emotional Support Hamster

April Matamoros, Staff Writer

Rocket the emotional support hamster has joined our family in room 12. The GSA class welcomed them last week. Many of us are very obsessed with them. They are small and a grey-ish color. They also have a racing stripe down their back. Rocket also has red eyes. Their favorite hobby is sleeping and sometimes runs on their wheel. I call them Cornball because they loves they’re dried corn treats.

Their purpose in our class is to emotionally support us. They help us feel less alone. More students come to class more often just to hang out with them. Rocket identifies as he/she, they/them. They understand the concerns and issues associated with GSA (Genders and Sexuality Alliance).  We’re so happy to have them!

Click Here to See Rocket in Action
Ms. Frese
Ms. Frese