Students in the Work Force

Christopher Castillo, Staff Writer

Many students are anxious to get jobs. They think it’s scary or they are afraid of being turned down. Which I can’t blame them. I’ve asked some of my peers and they said try not to do these things. They said employers want you to come in confident and give a good handshake. If your hands are sweaty, just pat them on your jeans. The resume is easy too. It just looks difficult to do from all the writing. All you have to do is ask the counselor, teacher or your family.

There are good benefits to gaining a job. Obviously, everyone wants money, and you will get paid. Also you you will get job experience.  Senior, Jesus Ramirez, who is new on the job explains, “ Well, for my job, since I’m new, all I do is easy lifting. I work on a property as a cleaner. So I clean offices, the quad, the trash on the streets or floors, and it’s easy so I don’t really struggle.”

Ismael Flores, who works at Blaze Pizza in Anaheim, states, “They will help you on what you’re supposed to do.”

Another student named Cristal Chihuaque would from gilbert to subway in 8 minutes to start her shift every day. She not only maintained her grades but her job aswell. She now works in a job 30 minutes away from school. She goes right after school,but hse doesnt enter till 5. However she cant go home because its too far atleast an hour half on the bus.So she sticks around the area until its time to clock in.