Lack of Security At Game Awards Leads To Stage Crashing


On December 8th 2022 The Game Awards were held and streamed thousands upon thousands both casual and die-hard gamers tuned in hopes to see their favorite games of the year released take home the title of G.O.T.Y (Game Of The Year). However the spotlight would be stolen by somebody completely uninvolved with the making of the game, which by the way was Elden Ring in case you were wondering.

The Stage crasher patiently waited among the development team in plain sight, and after the team delivered a short speech by the team , a young man who has been referred to as Matan Even took the microphone and uttered a short sentence. “I think I want to nominate this award to my reformed orthodox rabbi Bill Clinton, thank you everybody.”

While the crowd all cheered Matan on, this can be observed as a cautionary tale to those who go into public speaking. While yes this incident was relatively harmless and in all honesty quite silly, under slightly different circumstances it could have likely ended in catastrophe.

The fact of the matter is that this a case of complete security personnel negligence. Matan could have easily had his place taken by somebody with much more sinister intentions. Overall while being comical at least in this instance, these events should be observed as an eye opening realization that security not only for the game awards and other award ceremonies should be held to a higher standard than the vast majority of establishments require.

On March 27th of this year actor Will Smith managed to saunter up the stairs of the stage of the academy awards and deliver slap across the face of his contemporary Chris Rock. Making a mockery of the entire ceremony, and the internet in its typical take nothing seriously fashion saw this as an opportunity to make the most absurd event that transpired this act wound up being the one garnered the most attention. And subsequently the most traction of the reactionary public eye.

In conclusion, assure that you or somebody you know speaking publicly is safe beyond typical heckling, and to corporate events who can afford it for the betterment of their ceremonies, hire half decent security.