From Childhood Trauma to the Fight for Justice


Shahary Alonso, Staff Writer

In 2016 a children’s dentist group by the name of Anaheim Children Dental Group was sued for the mistreatment of kids.

Today I talk to Alex B, a student at Gilbert High school who was among the children affected by this. This dentist is disguised with bright colors, a movie theater, and an old arcade, but this “fun” dentist was the complete opposite behind the scenes.

The Anaheim Children’s Dental Group was sued by numerous families and eventually shut down for overall medical malpractice, like over 65 children getting infections from the dirty water, teeth being pulled out of children when it wasn’t needed, and emotional and physical damage.

Alex tells me he still is getting paid for the damage done and the place got shut down but the dentists responsible for this still have their licenses! So is it really justice? After causing emotional damage toward numerous children, these dentist’s license deserve to be revoked and these children deserve better.

Why do they still have their licenses?

— Alex B.

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