Thanksgiving Is About Giving Thanks


Domonick Wade, Staff Writer

Hello, Gladiators. Thanksgiving is nearly here. I Hope All Is Well. Let Us All Come Together To Give Thanks to all our Teachers and Staff here at Gilbert High School For An Awesome Two quarters so Far.  I Wanna say Thank you on behalf of all Gilbert High Students You Guys Are Appreciated More Than You know.

Thanksgiving is About coming together as one & giving Thanks to one another,showing Gratitude to the ones around you is what it’s all about. A little history will tell In 1621 on the fourth Thursday in November the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag shared an autumn harvest feast and celebrated the many Accomplishments & memories all the moments that mattered the most to them.

I hope everyone has an unforgettable Thanksgiving, and tell somebody Thank You. Whether or not you or your family don’t celebrate thanksgiving just come together with the ones you know love you and have been there for you at your lowest or highest.

This is the month of thanks, so thank you all for being you and not giving up on yourselves. Sending love from my family to yours Happy Thanksgiving!