The Logic In Teenage Lives

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         According to the students here at Gilbert High School, Many students have said that logic ( His social media name) has influenced them to try and do better with their future and to prevent harming themselves. He has influenced them to continue their journeys, to not give up on their loved ones and to let them know that they aren’t and will never will be alone there is always someone there for them. Logic’s real name is Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, he was born on   January 22 of 1990 currently age of 28. He recently had split with his ex wife and his daughter of age. He has been fighting for the rights of black lives and for the Mexican Americans kids.

         He lets all races in general know that there shouldn’t be any hate and that there should be peace and positively people out there. Hes always been the positive type of man, with the recent break up with his wife hes chosen to make more music towards the society and hes been more than happier to be to help families meet