RSVP Stands For A Better Change!


Devin Vazquez, Staff writer

RSVP – the Raising Student Voices Participation club – is bringing a great change to our school.

This club run by Ms.Buitron from the Avengers and Micheal Flores the student ambassador, is a recent update to our school. Ms. Buitron from the Avengers founded this club for you, as a student driven experience this club is an attempt to raise money and give you a voice as a student to decide what you want for our school.

There has unfortunately been a big obstacle for this club. RSVP only has an estimated 10 members, this low amount of crew is affecting their productivity. That can be changed easily, by joining this club you get credits and gain experience on running a club.

The recent changes RSVP has acquired includes new lunch menu items. Have you tried the recent noodles that have been added to your lunch roster. This club plans to bring more for you, like a taste testing for a more better enjoyable lunch. More projects are being planned this year by RSVP, don’t miss out.

“Including the new Gym and this club, this school year is proving to be a unique experience that has brought this year’s students an exceptional amount of services,” said Ms. Frese, the super human teacher.