Student Experience in ASB


Jason Healy, Joshua Perea-Diaz, and Blen Munoz

The majority of us have heard of ASB, but how many of us know exactly what that means? Furthermore, how many of us know exactly what they get up to? Find out what these members have to say from their personal experience, their standing on the association, as well as just what they have going on for them. 

We had gotten the opportunity to interview some of the ASB students and we were left with a very positive experience. according to Student Ambassador Michael Flores, They feel like in all ASB is a great experience as Michael loves being in a leadership position. Jodeci who as someone who doesn’t like to be social finds herself more social and involved. Lastly, Randy who doesn’t find ASB as enjoyable but agrees it is a great experience. While most agree with ASB being a fun productive and involving, and some think that different, We think that ASB is the perfect experience for students new and old and that we are truly grateful to have the opportunity.