Halloween Safety


April Matamoros, Staff Writer

Halloween traditions consist of dressing up as a favorite character or object, carving pumpkins, knocking on doors and savoring sweet treats. As you plan your holiday, there are also many things to be mindful of on the spine-chilling night of October 31st…

Here are listed ways to stay safe today:

  1. Look both ways when crossing any streets, DO NOT jay walk!
  2. Avoid completely dark areas
  3. Don’t converse with Strangers
  4. Stay on sidewalks
  5. Check all candy (even if sealed) before you eat it
  6. Don’t eat any candy before you get home
  7. Do not walk into any houses that is not yours
  8. If driving, make sure you aren’t under the influence and be aware of your surroundings
  9. Stay in groups
  10. Wear a safe costume