It’s Red Ribbon Week! October 24th-28th


Devin Vazquez , Staff Writer

We are beginning this new week with Red Ribbon Week. Get your closet ready so you don’t miss out on the fun daily events.

We begin with Monday as pajama day, don’t sleep your life away. Wake up and come to school straight from bed in your pajamas. There will also be be a donut eating contest hosted during lunch, don’t be shy and join.

Tuesday will be jersey day, team up against drugs. Represent your favorite team at school today with their merch. Stomp out tobacco by playing skee ball during the skee ball event at lunch.

Wednesday is twin day, support a cause twin day .  Come to school matching with your best friend, or stranger, as long as you match. Where red to support drug-free  living, pink for breast cancer awareness, orange for bullying prevention, purple for domestic violence awareness, green for mental health awareness, and rainbow to support LGBTQ rights. And don’t forget to participate in the obstacle course with your team of four and win a gift card.

Thursday is tropical attire, lei off drugs. Be radical and wear your fun beach and tropical clothing. What’s a better way to spend a Thursday than to be wearing beach clothing on your school campus while you throw pies at your teachers with their consent. Well, our school is hosting a pie-throwing contest this Thursday. Go to room 8 to buy tickets for the event.

We end the week with Friday as a Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos celebration. There will be no costumes allowed, yet you can bring face paint and Halloween-themed clothing. Our last Red Ribbon Week event will be a water balloon throwing contest. So bring an extra pair of clothing if you’re planning to have fun this Friday.