We See You


Domonick Wade, Staff Writer

Hi. My name is Domonick Wade and I’m here to tell you about my journey in life, my ups and downs as a teenager, the moments where I felt like I was alone and didn’t have anyone in my corner to run to. Growing up I had a lot of built-up emotions. When I got to the age of twelve I became more verbal and aware of the things that was happening around me. I felt as a teenager I wasn’t being seen or heard so I would lock myself in my room, not speak unless being spoken to, trying to ignore and hide from my mom and her boyfriend because we had a really strained relationship.

I started to change. I became angry. I felt like my mom was choosing him over me. I felt unimportant and neglected so I started hanging out with people who didn’t share my best intentions. I would fight, smoke, punch holes in the wall, picking on my little siblings just because of my hurt. I wanted everyone to see this change and question why I was acting this way.

A little time went by and me and my mom had a big disagreement. I had to be sent to Texas to live with my uncle because my attitude and disrespect was just getting out of hand. I would ditch school out there, drink, pop pills, all because I wanted someone to blame for me being the way I was. A  little later down the road I got sent to Atlanta because I was starting to get in trouble at my school in Texas with the police, so I left Texas and moved in with my dad. My mom’s and my relationship wasn’t there yet for me to come back home.

Everywhere I went I can say Atlanta had the biggest effect on me. I was living with someone who was hurting just like me, but in their own way, and I can say life humbled me. My dad was the perfect example of who I was going to become. He was mad at every little thing, tried to throw it in my face that my family didn’t want me. It was just a horrible transition, but that’s what opened my eyes. I told myself I would not be this person anymore. I cannot keep allowing my past to intercept my future or I would forever be unhappy and not at peace and bitter!

Hold the vision, trust the process.

I had to make a change for my sake and my life so my life in Atlanta came to an end and I moved back home with my mom. She saw what type of situations I was growing through with my dad and took the initiative to get me out of that unhealthy environment which I’m forever grateful for, so I told myself
Hold the vision, trust the process.

One thing I had to learn was patience and learn how to take baby steps with my Attitude. With the way I say things, how I make people feel, I started taking other people’s feelings into consideration. I kept myself busy, did yoga.  If someone tried to get me out of my character I distanced myself from others so I wouldn’t react and hurt myself and others. 

Let perseverance be your engine and hope be your fuel.

Basically, it’s so important to be level-headed and to keep a cool even when we’re not in the wrong. One day you’ll soon learn every action doesn’t deserve a reaction. Now I’m an honor roll student with a 3.4 GPA average and still working on my peace of mind day by day. Times are gonna get hard, but let perseverance be your engine and hope be your fuel.