Work-Based Learning Class Shines at College and Career Fair


Janet Luna Rosales and Rosa Morales

Collage and Career Fair was Thursday, October 6 2022. Nine student ambassadors attended the Collage and Career Fair.

Work Based Learning is a class for students who are ready to start their businesses. Work Based Learning currently has eleven students attending, and every students sales are going to help purchase food for our community corner.

Their after-school program is called “Space Lab Collective”, and it is ran by Mrs. Hernandez and Mr. Dominguez in ROP 8.

Mrs. Hernandez’s said: Keep your standards HIGH!

The number 8 In their sticker means continues leading and never ends.

What students are doing in Work Based Learning:

Christopher – Sells Crew Necks & Snap Back Hats are coming soon.

Yara – Lip glosses

Yuly & Mariana – Eyelashes

Kayla – Photography

Ashlyn – Artist

Peter – T-shirt Designs

Isabel – Skateboard Designs

Tenoch Gil – Custom Shoes