Amazing Trip To Dana Point Ocean Institute


Emily Negrete, Staff Writer

On Monday September 26 a hand full of students got to experience our first field trip of the  2022-2023 school year. These students went to Dana Point ocean institute. They got to do labs like dissect a fish and find the heart and gills etc. The students also got to go on a boat and see plankton and other organism  that they got out of the ocean. Some students even got to see some dolphins on there trip on the boat.

Students saw lots of birds and they also saw some sea lions on the boat trip. Inside the institute there where a lot of jellyfishes of all kind of sizes there were also very big fish and there was also a big green eel in its tank. While students  where in a room they noticed a long strange object and they soon found out that it was a giant squid tentacle that was found washed up on its shore in the 2000.

The students had seen a group of dolphins swimming when they were on the boat. Students got to take many pictures of everything they had seen. Students got to dissect fish and they had to find the heart and the liver and they where able to see it under a microscope. When lunch time came around students got there lunch and they went to sit at the beach. Some students went into the water and got all wet because the day was hot. Once everyone had finished there activities they all got ready to leave the institute.


Contributing to this story – Sariah Robinson , Rosa Morales , Janet Luna